Saturday, September 08, 2007

Keeping to a schedule

I started writing a new book this week. It's due mid-December.

I also had a few other things scheduled -- painters coming to work on the bathroom, a plumber replacing a faucet, and getting the living room upholstery cleaned. I'm having at least one side of the family for Christmas, possibly both (at different times), and I wanted to get these things done and out of the way in good time, so I wouldn't be rushing to a deadline AND trying to get my house all tiddly-boo. The painters are coming back to tackle another area of the house on October 29, so I chose that as my deadline for finishing the first draft.

So of course, life being what it is, things happened. I got proofreading to do, and there was a Family Crisis. Nothing serious or physical, like a car accident; just one of those Big Misunderstandings that some readers seem to find so unbelievable when they happen in stories.

Fortunately, I had set myself a goal of five pages a day, more if I'm able. Every day, including Saturdays and Sundays. Not ten, which is normally quite doable for me, since writing is my job. I can even handle fifteen if I'm pressed -- provided absolutely nothing interferes with my writing. Five means I should be able to meet that goal even if I can only find an hour to write.

I'm really glad I chose this goal because it means that so far, even with everything that went on this week, I met it. I've even surpassed it a little. So instead of being all bent out of shape by all the unexpected and unwelcome surprises, I actually feel pretty good.

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