Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pattin' myself on the back

It would have been sooooo easy not to write today! We're planning a 25th wedding anniversary that's coming up soon, and I spent all morning doing things for that. Then I went and had tea with my niece and her baby. I have never seen such a happy baby! So cute! However, by the time I got home, school was out and Oprah was on.

Not that I watched Oprah, because then I had to email the latest about the wedding anniversary to various folks. Also, call Mom to discuss.

By then it was 7 p.m. and I still hadn't had dinner. I'd planned an "every man for himself" night, and this man was starving. One of my favorite Stargates was on (the one with the young clone of Jack -- sooo funny), too. So I ate my tuna sandwich and watched it. (Oh, the wildly glamorous life of a romance writer!)

Then I had to send another email (about parking). By then it was 8:30. I hadn't turned on my writing computer, which is not hooked up to the internet, in part for security, and in part to keep me from checking my email or reading blogs when I should be working.

Oh, man, oh, man, I was so tempted to take the night off. So very, very tempted.

But I didn't. I wrote seven pages in an hour. And had one of those moments where a character says something I hadn't planned.

I love it when that happens! But I also have to take some time to decide if I like that direction, or if it's a wrong turn.

Since I've done more than my five page goal, I'm going to sleep on it.

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