Monday, July 20, 2015

FREE Novella - The Epilogue


Thus it was that in the year of our Lord 1204, Sir Melvin de Courcellet and Lady Viola de Langbourgh were married. 
Many who attended the feast did so because they were curious to see the young man who had managed to win the hand of Lord Percival’s niece.  Those who hadn’t met Melvin before were shocked when they did, despite Lady Sylvia’s assertion that the marriage was a true love match.  They found it easier to believe the rumors that the bride had been seduced, although it was difficult to fathom how a dunderhead like Sir Melvin had succeeded.  It just went to show that even supposedly clever women could be tricked.  They would have to be wary of even apparently harmless young men.
Other decided Sir Melvin must be a more shrewd, ambitious fellow than they guessed and they paid greater heed to his opinions. 
          Lord Barengar did attend the wedding, with his nose still swollen.  That caused many sighs among the ladies, for they feared his good looks would never be the same.  No doubt that explained why he was so serious, too.
          Viola and Melvin didn’t care if people believed they married for love or not.  They had, and they stayed in love as the years passed and their family grew.  In time, they became known for their happy marriage, as well as their kindness and generosity.
          And, it must be confessed, for Sir Melvin’s tendency to talk.

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Note:  This novella is PG13.  With the exception of GWYNETH ANDTHE THIEF and THE WASTREL, my books are usually steamier.  

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