Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Best-laid Plans....

My free novella, "Kind Eyes and A Lion's Heart," is now available in its entirety on my website.

I had originally planned to release it in installments, finishing just before attending before the Romance Writers of America's national conference in New York City.  I thought that would be a good lead-in to the conference. 

And then my athletic, multi-sports-playing husband was found to have a major blockage in the coronary artery,  among others.  He had an unexpected quadruple bypass, fortunately before he had a heart attack.  I'm very grateful to the astute medical resident who recommended a stress test just to cover all the bases, the surgeon who performed the surgery, the cardiologists, the nurses, the physiotherapists, our family doctor, all the other many outstanding medical professionals who saw us through this experience, as well as our family, friends, my editor and agent, who were all so understanding and supportive. 

My husband's recovery has been excellent, in no small part because he's a multi-sports-playing guy.  But boy oh boy, if people ask me if I wish I lived in the past?  OH, HECK NO!  Like to write about it, wouldn't want to live there, or I'd be a widow.

And that's why I won't be at the RWA conference this year. 

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Anonymous said...

Goodness. I just now saw this. I'm so glad you husband will be okay. There are some definite advantages to NOT living in the past, like modern medicine and plumbing.