Monday, September 15, 2014

Bride for a Knight Cover and Excerpt!

I've just received the cover for my next book, BRIDE FOR A KNIGHT.  Here it is, with back cover copy.  Isn't it lovely?
 The Promise of the Bedchamber...

After glimpsing a softer side to the stern Sir Roland of Dunborough, Mavis of DeLac is filled with hope for their arranged marriage.  So when the wedding night explodes with an exquisite passion, she dares to dream that their newfound bliss will last forever.

But the following morning, convinced he could never make this beautiful woman truly happy, Roland comes cold and aloof once again.  And as the newlyweds journey across England to protect Roland's birthright, it's up to Mavis to prove him wrong -- and unlock the compassion this noble has buried deep inside.

BRIDE FOR A KNIGHT will be out in print December 16, 2014 and available on Kindle on January 1, 2015.  It will also be available in other digital editions. You can pre-order now from Amazon.

It's a sequel to CASTLE OF THE WOLF,  but I always write each book to "stand alone."

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