Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Back to Business

I've been out to the Pacific Northwest, visiting family in Seattle and taking a side trip to Victoria, British Columbia.  We were really lucky with the weather -- sunny and HOT. 

Among the many things we saw and did on our visit was Butchart Gardens.  So beautiful, and to think it was once a quarry.

We also toured the Museum of Flight - all day and still didn't see everything!-- the Seattle Aquarium, the Woodland Park Zoo, Discovery Park (after which I made a mad dash for the bus and shocked myself -- I didn't know I could run that fast, especially after hiking all through the park), took a harbor cruise, played mini-golf  and walked for over 8 miles on Vashon Island.  If only I also hadn't eaten so many fantastic meals, I would have lost a few pounds.  But oh, the food in Seattle, the food!  And I'm not even into sea food.

However, the holiday is over and now it's time to get back to writing.  I did write on my holiday, but stopped once I had introduced all the major players in the new story.  I realized I wasn't really "into" the book at that time, so it was time to break.

I've set myself some goals for the new few months, including doing more blogging about the writing process.  I've been writing professionally for nearly 25 years (!!) and I think I've learned a few things worth sharing along the way.  I may also finally join Facebook.  If I do, I'll blog about it.

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