Monday, November 15, 2010

Writing challenge - Days Fifteen and Sixteen

When I originally began this writing challenge, I wasn't going to write on the weekends. Those would be chore-and-rest days. However, given that my 20 Day Challenge is going to end early (either tomorrow or Wednesday), I wrote 7 pages, 1555 words, on Saturday.

I had a great writing day today, but alas, my aching shoulder is reminding me that I shouldn't push it.

Today's totals:

A.M. - wrote 9 pages, 1,804 words
P.M. - 4 pages, 961 words, for a daily total of 13 pages, 2765 words.

Total so far:
168 pages, 35,672 words

I don't think I need to say where I am in this picture. :-)

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