Friday, November 12, 2010

20 Day Writing Challenge - Days Thirteen and Fourteen

Yesterday was one of those "what happens when you're self-employed" kinda days. I had a commitment in the afternoon. After I'd started writing in the morning, I got a call to say, nope, don't need your help after all. So I slowed the pace a bit and took a break, only to get another saying, "Oops! Need you after all." So I did a bit more writing in the evening, but didn't quite make my goal. I had better luck today, in part because I always write faster when it's not a love scene.

Thursday's totals:
9 pages, 1966 words

Today's tally:
A.M. - 7 pages, 1685 words
P.M. - 6 pages, 1028 words for a daily total of 2,713 words

Totals so far:
155 pages, 32,907 words

Here I am in Siena. Must remember this fella if I ever write a boar hunting scene again....

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