Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Writing Challenge Day 8 - a squeaker

I didn't quiiiite make my page count goal today - but I did make my word count goal.


A.M. - wrote from 9:32 - 10:39, 6 pages, 1190 words
P.M. - wrote from 4:20 - 4:54, 3 pages, 840 words, for a daily total of 2030 words

Totals to date:
86 pages, 18,285 words

As I was finishing this afternoon, I thought about changing the next scene, then realized, nope, the first idea was the better idea. Sometimes, it goes like that.

Also, company's coming for dinner, so if I weren't challenging myself this week, I probably would have written this morning and called it a day. That's one reason to engage in a challenge, even if I set the parameters and the only prize is a sense of accomplishment.

Here I am near Castel Gandolfo, the pope's summer residence.

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