Wednesday, March 31, 2010

First Draft Finished!

I made it! I finished my first draft by the end of March. Barely and it needs a lot of work, but done!

Here's what I already know needs to fix/revised in a major way:

1. The timeline. Sweet fancy Moses, it's a mess. I think everything happens in about two days right now. NG (no good)

2. The description. As in, there isn't much. You know those stage productions where the set is basically a chair, a table and a glass of water? That's the way this book feels - but this is normal for me, so I'm not worried.

3. The heroine's dad. At this point, I'm thinking he's Daddy Jekyll/Papa Hyde. I need to decide just what is up with him.

4. It's too short. However, see above re description. This is also the normal state of a first draft of mine.

So I have a lot of work to do yet before this book is anywhere near ready to submit. But for today, I'm happy and off to take a long walk on a beautiful spring day.


Caroline Storer said...

Hi Margaret - congrats on finishing the current wip. I love reading other author's ways of writing. Can I ask a question? How many words have you actually typed and how much will you have to layer in? I find that like you I always finish with a bare bones ms and have to go back and fix it up some more.

Margaret Moore said...

I've done about 300 pages. I don't go by word count until later on, but I should be up to about 320 pages *at least* before I send it in. What's going to happen, though, is that with the next draft, I'm going to wind up even shorter as I cut out what's unnecessary, then I'll be adding more of what is necessary or got short shift in the first two drafts to the third, including description. So it won't be anywhere near ready until after I've done the third draft.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Congratulations on finishing the first draft. Quite frankly, I'm glad that you are the writer, and not me. I seriously doubt that I could come up with 300 paragraphs, let alone 300 pages.

Both of my photos got accepted for the show. I didn't win anything, but then again, I didn't expect to. This is one of those shows where just getting your work in the show is a thrill. You wouldn't believe the level of art talent in this area.

My garden has been increased by another tomato plant and an herb planter. However, I'm beginning to think that the strawberries are NOT going to come up.


Leona said...

Congrats! I'm so glad to hear you say that first couple drafts are short.

I was getting discouraged because it seemed that I am forever cutting until the end gets near.

I have a fantasy that needs to be about 100k words and I'm at 65k (I've hand written all over the pages of my first draft, but I only finished the edits recently and haven't computerized them)

When I started computer editing the first draft, I think I cut 6k right off the top and was kind of bummed. It heartens me to hear that the process I'm going through is normal and that there is light ahead lol

When I was complaining that I only made it through 2k words of editing my husband told me to quite griping because most people couldn't write 2k words in that time and I should be happy I had made it that far LOL

Rosemary, what kind of Pics? Missed a couple of posts being off internet for most part lately. I do oil paints and use photos I've taken of family or vacation spots.

I love hearing about your garden. Hope your strawberries do well.

Caroline Storer said...

Thanks Margaret! Caroline x