Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Bonus of the Slow Jog

Lately I've discovered there are two really good things about the slow jog approach to the first draft.

1. The slow jog is much less stressful - provided, of course, one doesn't have a really looming deadline. I can work and still have time for other things, which makes me a much happier author.

2. The slow jog lets my imagination roam more, leading to new ideas/developments that I might not have discovered otherwise. This is especially good when I'm in the middle of the work, which tends to get shorter shift in the synopsis/outline phase.

As noted here in other blog posts, I used the first draft sprint approach for my last two projects, which has its benefits: the thrill of accomplishment when what can be the toughest part of writing a book is finished swiftly, and a unity of voice.

However, I'm realizing that the sprint approach isn't the best for me. I really need the breathing space not just between books, but daily. It's better for me, it's better for the book.


Anonymous said...

Hi. I usually subscribe to the theory of the hurryder I go, the behinder I get. I do NOT work well under pressure as a rule. I can deal with an emergency okay (then go to pieces afterward), but constant stress will get me frazzled.

You write that book any way that works for you. I will read it whether you write fast or slow. Of course, I will read it fast the first time through, them reread it several more times to get what I missed the first time around.

Hope the cats are starting to improve. Mine seem to be doing better, but I am still locking See-See up at night. I think that she, Boeing and Bulls-Eye are the only ones outside at the moment. I've given up the keep everyone inside battle. Splash is too scared to do more than poke his nose out, and Sandy is the only one I really won't let out. He's too fragile (17years old next month).


Donna said...

I Really need to get those new tennis shoes...Soon!Hahaa
Nice blog! Enjoy the jogging...