Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What about the dogs?

That's a question that's been dogging me (ha!) for several writing sessions now. It refers to something that happens in the first scene of this story. But the dogs haven't appeared since.

That's the kind of thing that can hang around on the edge of my imagination, driving me to distraction, until I deal with it.

Fortunately, the dogs are due to return soon.

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Anonymous said...

Hi. Speaking of dogs, did you watch the Westminster Kennel Club show on Monday and Tuesday? I wanted either the Doberman (one of my favorite breeds) or the Whippet (my husband's favorite breed) to win. I don't mind the Scotty so much, they're just not my favorite breed. She is a very good Scotty, and at least she's not a Bichon. Don't ask me why I don't like Bichons, because I don't know (funny, I do like Poodles). I don't think I've ever even met a Bichon.

I am assuming that you have sone your research about dog breeds that were in exsistance in the Regency period, and that some of them have changed over the years. For instance, Yorkshire Terriers were 20lb farm ratters, Pomeranians were 40lb sled dogs, and Doberman Pinschers weren't developed until the 1880's. Sorry to be picky, but it's like having modern 21st century thinking in a Regency to you.

Happy Writing!