Thursday, February 04, 2010

First Draft Sprint - check in

So, as expected, things are cropping up to disrupt my first draft sprint. The main one is preparing a relative's house for painters.

And I should get proofreading next week.

I'm also trying to keep up with exercising, and finish two knitting projects. I think I forgot to mention I'm also sanding a chair and a table in preparation for refinishing (when the weather is warmer and I can do it outside).

On Monday, I easily made my writing goal, and went on a long walk, also stopping at the hardware store for more sandpaper and pricing things for the relative's house, where I lost my hat. (Sigh) But then I finished the white hat I was knitting and joy of joys! It fits. Since I was basically winging it (not adherring to the pattern), this was a big relief.

Tuesday was spent at the relative's house and I'd taken my laptop to work at a library afterward. The laptop didn't work (battery problems, I think), so - oh, woe is me, she cried in mock despair - I could only sit and read. Then it was run errands. If I wasn't doing this First Draft Sprint, I probably wouldn't have started writing at 5:45 p.m., but since I am, I did, and wrote eleven pages. Afterward I made three mistakes on the second hat I was making, the one I was getting fairly sure wasn't going to fit, so I gave up and tore it out. That's one way to get rid of a project! However, I started another, using the pattern. And I've made more than half the squares I need for the afghan.

Wednesday saw me writing five pages in the morning, then exercising, then doing other things until the evening. When I simply didn't write. I'd been up since 5 a.m., so I decided to take the night off. However, I'm planning to write 15 pages today to make up for it. So far, I've done ten, and five more after lunch should be doable.

I doubt I'll be writing tomorrow or Sat, though, as there is still much to be done at the relative's house. I doubt I'll be on the treadmill those days, either.

Which brings me to the frustrations of the weight loss. Has my body decided 142-143 is the optimal weight? Is it because it's winter and my body thinks it needs the fat? Was it the chocolate bar and Cola I finally gave in to on Tuesday? (My friend also noted she tends to eat junk on Biggest Loser day. Her explanation? We're subconsciously thinking, "Hey, I'm thinner than those guys, so..." I think she's on to something.) Anyhoodle, for whatever reason, I have not been able to get below 141, and have crept back up to 143 today. It's discouraging and I absolutely get why people give up; nevertheless, I shall get back to the exercise ASAP for this reason if none other: I sleep much better after exercisng.

So, that's my week in a (big) nutshell. I've been busy, but not stressed.


Anonymous said...

Hi. It is Friday now. Your week sounds almost a hectic as mine. Mine started off with taking Tippy to the vet to find a new home, then ended with my daughter, Marilyn, having emergency minor surgery on Thursday, and oldest cat Sandy having a seizure today because I forgot his medication yesterday.

You may ask how anyone can have emergency minor surgery. The answer is that the procedure was minor, but the circumstances made it an emergency. The gynocologist that did the surgery told me that most doctors can go their whole career and never see this condidtion, but by chance, Marilyn is the sixth that she has seen. If you are interested, go look up the term "hymenectomy". Marilyn is fine now, and can go back to school on Monday.

Lucky and I were able to walk about 10 miles this week Monday through Wednesday. I finally bought a pedometer to prove to my husband that we walk farther then he thought we did.

Hey, we survived!


Viking Princess said...

Have a great weekend!