Saturday, February 06, 2010

And the sprint...splutters.

So, who here has spent thirteen hours cleaning, decluttering, folding and packing, sitting down for literally five minutes the whole time, even eating standing up, with no heat except for one space heater because a new furnace is being installed and then you have to wait to Pilot Light Guy to come and do the final inspection and turn it on?

That was my day yesterday and by the end of it, every bone in my body ached.

Today, we worked for a "mere" 8 hours, after going to the charity donation place with a load, and visiting two hardware stores for supplies. My jobs were sanding and painting the front and back doors and scraping off (or trying two) several layers of caulk around the bathtub and by the sink of the main bathroom, as well as scrubbing the floor. Fun? Wow! (To quote an old TV commercial - only ..not.) I am so stiff, getting up from the sofa is an experience.

Perhaps needless to say, no writing was done yesterday. No writing will be done today. I hope to get back to it tomorrow. Maybe not ten pages, though. Maybe five.

I did make up for the slack of last week by writing sixteen pages on Thursday and I knew my time was going to be "off and on" last week and next, so I'm not feeling guilty. Even better, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel of Prepping a Relative's House For Sale!

(That's Luis on the chair. He missed us while we were working.)


Anonymous said...

Wow. Sounds exhausting. I'm tired just reading about it. Today, we have been looking for the keys to the filing cabinets. I can't get a new checkbook out until I find the keys, and they are not where they belong or where I last remember having them. Things in my house sometimes grow legs and walk off.

Marilyn felt well enough to go make some drawings at The Art Studio, Inc. this afternoon, and then went back for the opening this evening. It was a kids only exhibit, and all the work was exhibited (about 250 kids worth).

Good luck getting some writing done.


Viking Princess said...

Love the way your blog background matches the cats beautiful blue eyes.