Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday Contest

ETA: Wow! I already have my winners, so this contest is now closed. If you don't hear from me, you didn't win, so please try again tomorrow, when the winners will be the first, fifth, tenth, fifteenth and twentieth people to send me the correct answer to Friday's contest question.

The answer to Thursday's question was Viscount Adderley. I also accepted simply viscount, as well as lord, since he's addressed as Lord Adderley in the book.

I told you I was going to post at a variety of times, so this contest is for the night owls, early birds, or those who live in a far away time zone.

The prize is an autographed copy of KISS ME QUICK, the first book in my Regency series that introduces Sir Douglas Drury, hero of the upcoming A LOVER'S KISS, and his friends. While KISS ME QUICK is still available in ebook form, it's no longer available in print.

To enter, send an email to

containing the answer to the following question:

What is the hero's title in KISS ME QUICK?

The first five people to email me at with the correct answer will win.

Since I'm waiting until just after midnight my time to post this, don't expect me to announce my winners for a few hours. I need my sleep! Once I announce here that I have five winners, the Thursday contest will be closed.

My Contest Rules

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Mel said...

This contest is such fun. I do not seem to make it on time, but I am correct. So thanks for giving the answers! Hope we get to do it again.