Monday, June 16, 2008


THIS CONTEST IS CLOSED. I will be uploading a new contest with new questions on Tuesday, June 17.

Edited again to add: This was Monday's contest. I wrote this post yesterday but didn't post it until this morning and forgot to change the date. Sorry for any confusion! There'll be a new contest *tomorrow* - Tuesday, June 17.

ETA: It's barely 11 a.m. and I've already got my winners, and then some! If you didn't win today, come back tomorrow, when I'll be offering autographed sets of KISS ME QUICK and A LOVER'S KISS.

And remember to answer the question if you want to win!

Now that I have copies of my August Harlequin Historical, A LOVER'S KISS in the house, it's time to give some away!

To begin a week of contests, I'm starting off with the best prize of all: an autographed set of the first three books in my Regency series that include Sir Douglas Drury and Lord Justinian "Buggy" Bromwell.

To win one of two sets, send me an email at

listing the name of the heroine in each book. The first two people to send me the correct answers will win.

You are allowed one entry per day. A new prize will be offered every day this week (June 16 - 20).

KISS ME QUICK begins the series. It is now out of print, although available electronically.

KISS ME AGAIN features the Honorable Brixton Smythe-Medway, who also appears in A LOVER'S KISS. I have very few copies of this book left.

Fortunately, KISS ME AGAIN is available to order in paperback and ebook form from Avon Books and Amazon.

And last, but by no means least, A LOVER'S KISS, which will be hitting shelves soon!



CrystalGB said...

Great contest. I sent you an email.

squiresj said...

I really enjoy your newsletter and website. I don't see any blog listed for today to win anything - the 16th except the one to begin to win the three books which I have entered.
God Bless you very much and may you have a blessed week.

Pam P said...

It'll be great to finally read Drury's book after all this time. Love that cover, Margaret.