Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We Haz AC!

Okay, sun, bring it on! Because at long last, we have air conditioning!

And of course, it is currently unseasonably cold.

But hey, it's here, it's installed, it works. Mind you, the unit in the back looks like it could be some kind of satellite, and I had to rip off some (old) trellis from the deck (Hulk smash!), and the cats were traumatized again, although not so bad as when we got the ducts cleaned last week.

Possible bonus: We had signs of a mouse in a kitchen cupboard (yes, with three cats), but after putting down poison and traps, nuthin'. I think the mouse was so traumatized by the noise, it fled. Hopefully never to return.

It wasn't easy working yesterday, what with the drillin' and the bangin' and the radio playin' the songs o' my youth. I usually work in silence. But I did work, and I got lots done and the end of THE WARLORD'S BRIDE didn't require as much fixing as I feared, so yeah! Although...sometimes I put little notes in the margins to double check something and sometimes checking the somethings takes a bit longer than I think. Still, I should have no problem getting the book finished this week.

And then...I am soooo ready for summer.

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CherylStJohn said...

Whoo hoo! Air conditioning! I couldn't survive without it and can't imagine how you did it.