Monday, May 26, 2008

Role Reversal

It occurred to me, as I was grabbing an hour from my writing to work in my garden, that this is what it's like when you're writing before you're published, or if you're writing as a second (or third or fourth) job, only in reverse.

Instead of trying to snag some time away from my "primary function" to write, I was trying to snag some time to do something other than write.

All I was doing was moving perennials. I still haven't planted anything new; that will have to wait until next week, when the book is done, along with cleaning out the garage, cleaning windows, and all sorts of other spring chores that, if I weren't writing, would be on the front burner instead of the back.

Speaking of writing, I tossed out two scenes yesterday. At this stage, and when the ms. is already a little short, that's painful, but the story seemed to come to a dead halt, so...out they went.


Franciele said...
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Franciele said...

Hi Margaret,
My name is Franciele, and first of all I want to congratulate you in all your achivemets as a writer; even though the only book of yours I have read so far is "The Notorious Knight" (I love it by the way) I am plannig in reading the other books as well.
As I finished the reading for the book above cited; the epilogue made me wonder if there is a continuation to this book. It seems like the story have not ended, and it looks like (I might be mistaken) that you are planning to give this book a continuation; of which I would be most pleased to buy and read. I was also wondering, who is this guy in the front page of the book, is he real or just a drawing? (He is VERY handsome :D)
I was affraid my email would not reach you, so I decided to make a blog just so I could comment, and ask these questions to you. If you wish to send me an e-mail with the answer, my email address is: (it is the one I trust that will not store your response in the junk e-mail "basket") Please respond, I am quite curious to know the answer to both questions! Thank you.


Franciele Alves
Marlborough, MA.

CherylStJohn said...

I haven't even been in the yard yet! My hubby took this week off, but it's raining, so he's working on the new trim and shutters in the living room. :::YEA:::

And I'm working....

Margaret Moore said...

Franciele -- I'm glad you liked The Notorious Knight. Yes, there's a sequel, called Knave's Honor, which was out this past winter. You should still be able to order it online, if it's not in a local store.

They use models for the covers, so yes, that art is based on a real person. :-)

I did get your email, but thought you might check back here before I get a chance to respond. Got a book due this week!

So glad to hear I'm not the only one neglecting my garden, Cheryl!
New trim and shutters sound lovely!