Monday, May 05, 2008

Old and New and ooh la la

Quickly, because not only am I revising like a mad thing, I need a nap, big time. If it's not the night sweats, it's the cats. And the coughing, because Daughter has brought home another cold. Thanks, kid! Fortunately, it seems much milder than the last. Heck, croup would seem milder than the last...but I digress.

Managed to get out of the house to see Iron Man and also rest my non-iron fingers and carpel tunnels. I really enjoyed it. Robert Downey Jr. does not disappoint. And may I just say, that guy has great shoulders.

By Sunday night, I was in need of more rest and had a wonderful time watching Cranford on PBS. It's my kind of historical show. It's not all about lords and ladies; you've got yer common folk, too, and the focus is on the women. Love it! Thanks again, Elizabeth Gaskell, who is forever dear in our hearts because of North and South . However, Simon Wood is in it, as a love interest, and I must say, having been watching Season Two of Rome again? I have seen a tad more than I care to of Simon Wood and I can't quite forget it while watching Cranford. =8-0


Kimber Chin said...

My Mom called me up, gushing about Ironman. Told me it had all the passion of the original Batman.

I'm thinking it is a gotta-see-it.

Margaret Moore said...

Alas, when you say "original Batman," I'm thinking Adam West....

One of the things I appreciated about Iron Man was that it seemed the special effects were there to support and enhance the story, not to be the reason for the story.