Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Weekly Clutter Challenge - Week 4

As I set about decluttering my house, it's occurred to me I'm doing something very similar to the book-in-progress. I'm cutting out what is no longer necessary, or repetitive, or just plain dull. Not always easy, but I'll be happy when it's done - sort of like the Weekly Clutter Challenge.

How am I doing so far? Pretty good on the book and not too bad on the house, although I found myself leaving too many things lying around in Daughter's Room after clearing space for the Insulation Dudes to get to the attic. The kitchen counter is still clutter-free, and so are most of the other spaces I've worked on. The desk in the office/den continues to be the most difficult to keep tidy, in no small part because I'm working on a book. I tend to spread out hard copy pages. Still, it's tidier than usual, and that's a good thing.

This week's challenge is an area that has been cluttered for months - the laundry room counter. It's been the depository for things like packages of paper towels and cleaning products.

I have now reached the point where in order to tidy up one area, I need to find space in a cupboard or other area. Fortunately, there are many areas of under-used storage real estate in the house, like a shelf in the rec room closet and a drawer in the downstairs office. The items on the shelf, which were mostly papers, are now in the drawer, and the paper towels are on the shelf. I found more under-utilized space for the cleaning supplies and a small compost container in a cupboard in the laundry room (we have another dedicated container for compost in the kitchen). The container isn't easily visible in the laundry room cupboard, though, so I'm writing a reminder note and taping it to the inside of the door of the cupboard under the sink in the kitchen.* One of these days, when I declutter that cupboard, I'll move that container there, as it does occasionally** get pressed into service. But that's a project for another week.

* Could I have used more prepositions in a single sentence?

** Do you have words you can NEVER remember how to spell correctly? "Occasionally" is one of mine.

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