Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Scenic Seattle

We're back from visiting Seattle. We managed to see lots of sights, and had one day of quite good weather. Here are some of our pictures from scenic Seattle taken from the Space Needle:

We also got to the aquarium. I don't know who this little girl is, but I see a future in marine biology.

Here I am at the Pike Place Market. We had a great lunch at the Steelhead Diner. I heartily recommend the baked macaroni and cheese and coleslaw, which was out of this world.

And finally, because it's nearly Christmas - I spotted these shaped holly bushes outside a building. I have a holly bush, and I've cut it back at times, but I confess it never occurred to me that you could prune them into such a nice shape.

Next on my agenda - Christmas preparations, although I hope to be able to do a little manuscript revising, too.

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