Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Back in print!

Whoo hoo! They're back! Two of the medieval romances I wrote for Avon Books are now available again - in print and on sale!

From the back cover:

Everyone knows that red-haired women are nothing but trouble, so when enchanting, flame-haired Fiona MacDougal rides into his castle courtyard announcing that she is willing to become his bride, Caradoc of Wales knows to be wary -- even of such a beautiful Scottish lass bearing gifts. He has no desire to take himself a wife, but her kisses are so tempting that the idea of an intimate -- and permanent -- union becomes most appealing indeed.

The thought of marrying this bold, handsome warrior sends shivers of delight down Fiona's spine. She wants nothing more than to tell him the entire truth -- that in his strong embrace she is certain to be safe from the despicable blackguard who would marry her for his own selfish gain. Fiona loves Caradoc dearly, but can she ever win her passionate husband's trust -- or gain his love -- if he discovers the real reason she sought him out?

"Tempt Me With Kisses was an absolute pleasure to read. I enjoyed meeting the characters, and felt a kinship with them even after the last page was turned."
-- The Romance Reader

"Ms. Moore has written a fantastic story of love, betrayal and forgiveness....a definite must read for those who enjoy stories of secrets, inner turmoil and creative resolutions to difficult situations. Kudos for a perfect story."
--Romance Reviews Today

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From the back cover:

His Every Desire

Seeking vengeance on the lord who robbed him of his birthright, Sir Alexander DeFrouchette set out to steal his enemy's bride...and, in his haste,carried of the wrong lady! Now it would be far too dangerous to release the exquisite Lady Isabelle -- whose sister was the true captive he sought. The bold, spirited hellion has enchanted him, and Alexander longs to tame her and taste the sweetness of her kiss. But she is related to his hated foe, and the noble knight will never know Isabelle's love until she offers it willingly -- and this she dares never do.

All Her Dreams

Gallant knights are supposed to protect fair maidens -- not kidnap them! Yet here is Lady Isabelle, a prisoner of Sir Alexander, who is strong, virile, handsome, everything she ever dreamed of in a man. But proud, fiery Isabelle will never succumb to force -- no matter how powerfully he inflames her passion...or how quickly her heart beats when he's near...

"Readers will enjoy the antics and especially the debates between the brooding sexy hero and the intelligent captive who knows where her safety lies. As usual the audience gets more from a novelist who always provides an inviting tale."
-- The Best Reviews

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HarperCollins has several links to purchase. I note that while both are available from, it appears the reprint of TEMPT ME WITH KISSES is not yet available from Hopefully this is just a temporary delay. Both are available for ordering in Canada from Indigo online.


Jeanne M said...

Margaret -

I just wanted to stop by and tell you how thrilled I am that not only are two of your stories being re-released but your working on a new book as well.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday season.

Margaret Moore said...

Thanks, Jeanne. I really appreciate your enthusiasm - it's inspiring! I'm having a great holiday and hope you are, too.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I am glad that the books are being reissued. I enjoyed both, and still re-read them sometimes. I'm also happy that you are happy to be writing again. Whenever the book comes out, I will get it.

I hope your holidays haven't been quite as exciting as mine. Imagine a three day drive half way across the country with two adults, two autistic kids and a sixty pound dog in the car. Then, while you are visiting family, said dog jumps through (and breaks) a very large window, said window being the stationary half of a sliding patio window (used as a door) that the OTHER dog went through and broke two years ago. Then, a three day drive back home with the same cast and crew.

Disneyland was (expensive) fun, though. On Christmas, Santa brought everyone lots of nice presents. And Ilka didn't need seven stitches like Lucky needed after his window incident.

Because it is technically a slding "window", and not a sliding "door" the glass was not tempered. Lucky had half a dozen little cuts on his muzzle, and a two inch gash on a foreleg that required seven stitches (and a $300vet bill). Ilka didn't need a vet, so she was a lot cheaper (just antibiotic ointment, a roll of bandage material and some anti-lick spray).

The same night that Ilka went through the window, I broke a bowl. I'm not sure my in-laws will be inviting us back any time soon :).


P.S. These are the highlights. You are the writer, not me.