Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Frugal Bathroom Redo - Before, Part One

Yesterday I talked about the decision to redecorate the main bathroom, specifically why and a few of the generalities, such as not moving the fixed elements (tub, sink, toilet, window, linen closet), or tackling major changes like the flooring.

Having decided to "embrace the vintage," here are pictures of some of the vintage elements of the bathroom that are staying, with some minor changes or fixes. I apologize for some of the angles - it was difficult to get enough distance to take the pictures.

First up, the medicine cabinet, with mirrored door (and yes, that's my arm and hand holding the camera). You can also see the black and white tile, and the chrome cup holders built into the wall. Unfortunately, the bottoms of the cup holders aren't in the best of shape; however, they're a great place for small scented candles, so I'm fine with leaving them "as is."

Although it's not obvious from the picture, the mirror's looking its age, especially around the edges. I called Suburban Glass and Mirror and was told it would be cheaper for them to make me a new one, and they could copy the shape of the existing mirror. Ballpark cost without seeing it? About $30 - 35. If it comes it at that price or a little more, I call that a bargain.

Below is another fixed element that would be a headache to change. Originally the knobs on these drawers were plain white porcelain. I changed them to black and will keep these. Above is a counter space.

I might put a cupboard over this, but only if I can find the right piece at the right price. Otherwise, it will be art work, or perhaps another mirror.

Continuing around the room to the left, here's the window. We got it replaced when shortly after we bought the house about twenty-five years ago and I see no reason to change it, or the frame. It's frosted on the bottom because the back porch is on the other side.

Tomorrow, I'll be talking about the changes I plan to make and show some of the things I've already made or purchased.


Anonymous said...

I would love to have your bathroom. It looks about three times as large as mine. Plus, it has a window. One day, I will have a nice, big bathroom like I grew up with. Actually, we had a full bath upstairs, and a half bath dowstairs. Because we lived in a national cemetery, there was also a three-quarter bath in the garage for the workmen, plus the public restrooms if we got desperate. Living with only one tiny bathroom for four people is not fun.


Margaret Moore said...

You lived in a cemetery? Wow, now that's different! And I hear ya on the bathroom woes. We had a somewhat similar situation when we lived in an apartment when I was growing up - three girls in one bedroom. Pretty tight quarters!