Wednesday, October 27, 2010

20 Day Writing Challenge - good day to have some wiggle room

As I expected, getting ahead of my goal paid off. I didn't get as much time on the computer today as I have the past two days. I did make my ten pages, but barely, and eight of those were in the morning.

Here are the details:

A.M. - wrote from 9:30 to 10:09, did four pages and took a break to make notes for next bit and get a coffee, wrote again from 10:30 to 10:54, for another four pages that included a surprise plot development. I mean it was a surprise to me, too, as I hadn't planned it. Love it when that happens!

In the afternoon, I walked up to the local thrift store and scored a vintage Pyrex bowl of a design I've never seen before (I'll post a picture another time), another interesting glass bowl and a big basket for the Hallowe'en candy. Then I raked leaves and did some work on a craft project. I certainly made my 10,000 step goal and then some.

Then it was early dinner, as my husband is off to a basketball game with our son, so I didn't get to the computer until 6:14. However, as I'd been raking and making dinner and working on a craft project, I realized I'd made things much too easy for my characters, so my work was in the form of minor revising to add more conflict, which came out to two more pages or 403 words. I stopped at 6:36 because I still have dishes to do (still doing them by hand) and company's coming, but then I made more notes, because I've realized I have to make some significant changes to the plot for the next three chapters. Specifically, I'm ditching something that was kind of cliched anyway, and going for more emotional conflict instead.

Total page count for the first three days of my 20-Day Writing Challenge: 35
Word Count: 6,859

Here I am waving in Urbino.

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Anonymous said...

Glad the writing is going well.

Last Thursday afternoon, my son got into my purse, and got some of his medication. He took at least two extra pills, and caused quite a bit of worry. He turned out fine, just very uncoordinated and sleepy, with no breathing problems (which was his doctor's main concern). All his pills are now in childproof containers.

I'm still fighting whatever crud it was I picked up this past weekend, but I am generally feeling better. I didn't walk on Monday, but I took Ilka out yesterday and today. Thanks to somebody smoking pot today, I had to take a different route than I had originally planned (the smell makes me so nauseous it's all I can do not to throw up if I get just a whiff of it). Due to the altered route, I picked up a stray puppy. The people at the house I was told it belonged to said it didn't belong to them, so I had to take him to the shelter. Two dogs are enough for me at the moment.

I also like vintage Pyrex. Probaby my best "score" was two mint condition Cinderella bowls in a trash pile. I also shop the thrift stores and yard sales. People sell "old" stuff for almost that costs a fortune as "vintage" on EBay. What I really want is the 2.5 quart sqare "hostess" bowl in yellow (although I would settle for red). It's what we used to make cobbler in when I was a kid.