Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm back, in body anyway....

I recently returned from a week's vacation in the beautiful Dominican Republic. I was there when the horrific quake struck Haiti. However, we didn't feel a thing at our lovely resort, and I was glad we could send an email right away to reassure family and friends that we were all safe.

The weather was great when we arrived (first picture), not so great by the time we left (video below). But hey, anywhere you can wear t-shirts in January and walk on a beach is fine by me!

(I have no idea why the sand is bright pink in this video. It wasn't in real life.)


Anonymous said...

Hi. Please remember that I live on the Gulf Coast of Texas. I hate to rub it in, but I was wearing shorts yesterday. I even had the windows open. We are expecting to get up to around 70 degrees this week. We are also expecting rain due to El Nno, but that is normal.

What wasn't normal was the cold snap we had earlier this month, the worst since 1991. We had six nights in a row with below freezing temperatures, and three in a row with temperatures into the teens or low twenties. The daytime highs were only in the thirties to low forties. When your house is up on piers, that makes for cold floors! And of course, very few pipes down here are wrapped, so lots of people had broken pipes. Even some of the city lines froze and broke. One neighborhood had a problem with a natural gas pipeline, so they didn't even have heat for three days.

This week, I have sick kitties. See-See somehow caught an upper respiratory infection last week, and passed it along. Tippy and Connor have both been to the vet because of severe congestion. I hope nobody else comes down with it, but they probably will.


Caroline Storer said...

Glad you had a good holiday and had no after effects of the earthquake. Caroline x

Leona said...

I left TX and I a now residing in WA, Yakima County. I have to say, I left TX on the first of January and I don't miss it :) I did miss the cold snap though!

I'm glad you made it hoe safe and had a chance to be warm for a bit. It's a bit chilly here now, but nothing like north of us I'm sure :)

Margaret Moore said...

Thanks for all the welcome homes!

Actually, we're having a relatively warm and snow-free winter this year. Since I don't ski, that's fine by me. :-)