Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Miscellany

I'm planning to do another FeNoWriMo - aka February Novel Writing Month, modeled on National Novel Writing Month, which is always November. Basically, the idea is to write as much as possible without taking time to edit - to get a first draft of a novel accomplished in one month. However, I'm also expecting edits to proof and I have no intention of stressing myself out when the book isn't due for a few months, so I'm setting the daily bar low. I can do eight pages a day easily, fifteen is mentally taxing and doesn't leave time for much else, so I'm going to try for ten. That means I'll be pushing a bit, but not so much that I'm drained by the end of the writing day. After all, there are new seasons of Survivor and The Amazing Race starting, too.

Weight Loss Challenge - After staring at a dismaying 144 on the scales (did you hear me yelp?) two weeks ago, I'm happy to report that the combination of consistent exercise and lack of cola has whittled the gain down to 141.6 today. I have a new goal - 130 by June 30. Actually, I'll be happy with 132, but I'm aiming for more.

Speaking of reality TV, I'm watching The Colony on the Discovery Channel. Basically, ten people are living as if there's been a global catastrophe. Their digs are an old factory, and things have been left there that they can use. The "survivors" are a mix, although heavy on the engineer/contractor/medical side. As much as I'm liking it, I think I would have enjoyed it even more if one or two of the survivors had been a stay-at-home mom or receptionist or an artist. But what's really making it interesting is the "marauders" - think Mad Max mayhem. Basically their job is to harass and steal from the survivors. That gives the survivors a whole different kind of stress. (Imagine the other Survivor with hostile natives who may attack at any time.)

I have three craft projects on the go. One is an afghan requiring 90 squares. I think I've done about 40. (Gosh, probably should check that, eh?) The others are hats. One is an experiment, using leftover wool and the other is...well, I wasn't sure how to do the stitches they asked for, so I'm kinda winging that one, as well. We'll see how they turn out.

I also want to refinish a chair and a small table, but not until spring, when I can do it in the garage.

Wondering about that picture? That's the north shore of Lake Ontario and somewhere I go when I walk.


Anonymous said...

Hi. Your walking enviromnent is much prettier than mine. The lake looks beautiful.

My mom used to crochet, but I've never been talented at that sort of stuff. I once watched her start a granny square, and then fall asleep one row into it. She woke up when she finished and hadn't miss a stitch. I still use some of the afgans and quilts that she made.

The last time I took a cat to the vet, I stepped on their scale and it said 150. Oh well, at least I'm not actually gaing weight, and I am a bit fitter than I was.

Speaking of cats, we have decided to find a new home for Tippy. Since B.J. died, Tippy has become a terrible bully. The only way to keep peace in the house is to have him confined to a large dog crate, or put him outside. Its not fair to him or the other (older) cats to keep him. It breaks my heart, but I think everyone will be better off with him finding another family where he can be the only cat.

Well, it's finally stopped raining, so Lucky and I will go for a walk.


Margaret Moore said...

Enjoy your walk! I'll be on the treadmill. Walked yesterday and the wind almost blew off my toque. It was pretty darn cold, too!

Caroline Storer said...

Gosh you sound as if you are going really busy! Good luck on the FeNaNoWriMo. Caroline x