Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Back (cough) to work (sniffle), sort of

Well, I can now say I've had chills and a fever, which I have never had before, because I have had the worst cold of my entire life. No kidding.

So I spent most of the week lying on the couch, watching TV. There is some weird stuff on during the day. I could have seen the entire Charles Bronson ouvre. I could have watched Terminator Two: Judgment Day multiple times. I think there's a law that a Godfather movie must be playing at all times. Classic Law and Order really does put me to sleep. The Dr. Phil Show has gotten really weird. I can take the View only in small doses.

Saw that New Amsterdam show, about the immortal guy. The only paranormal idea I've ever had was about an immortal guy, but his immortality was a curse, not a reward. And while of course love was involved, not the whole "soul mate" thing (I have a problem with that concept, actually, but that's for another time). The show's okay so far (some good twists), but really, yak much about your long life, buddy? Not too subtle. I guess he figures people will just...I dunno...assume he's nuts? Just what I want in an armed policeman -- insanity!

Survivor is turning into one of the really interesting seasons! The blindsiding! The machinations! Ozzy!

I also did some reading, but no writing, so I may not be blogging much this week. I have to get back at it.

How am I doing that? I printed up the second draft and am starting again at Chapter One, Page One, revising and rewriting. And let me just say, ARGH. There is still too much backstory in there!

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Kimber Chin said...

I've noticed that about the Godfather also. There is always a Godfather playing, usually Part 2.

Glad you're feeling better.
Missed your posts.