Tuesday, March 18, 2008

And now....Estonia!

I've just received another foreign edition of one of my books. This time, it's THE NOTORIOUS KNIGHT and it's from Estonia. The cover art is the same, but the Estonian version is hardcover.

I've never had a book published in Estonia before (that I'm aware of) so this is pretty neat. I also realized I didn't know much about Estonia, other than it was part of the Soviet Union, so I did a little research. Ya gotta love a country that has had a "Singing Revolution."

In other news, I'm still going through the second draft of THE WARLORD'S BRIDE and trying to get back up to speed after The Worst Cold Of My life. Which isn't completely gone yet. On the other hand, the clocks went ahead -- yippee yahoooo! My family will tell you I go a little nutty over that. I even have a little song and dance I do. What can I tell ya? More sun in the evening makes me happy.

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Kimber Chin said...

Been to Tallinn and loved it. We visited during their independence day. There was a parade, a lot of singing and laughing (and drinking). So much fun.

I remember looking around and thinking it was like a page out of one of your novels. Of all the places I've been in the world, it is the closest to how I picture Medievel England. Truly. I can't think of a better place to sell Margaret Moore novels.