Monday, December 14, 2015

Speaking of movies....

I see In The Heart Of The Sea "bombed" at the box office on the weekend.  I don't think their advertising campaign helped.

What did I see in the ads?

Chris Hemsworth, aka Thor.  Yes, he's handsome.  But who is he in this movie?  Some guy on a whaling ship, apparently. 

Lots of CGI of a whale (possibly white -- hard to tell on the TV) hitting a ship.  Lots and lots of water.  Guys screaming and falling. 

Not a lot of women and certainly none on the ship.  Which is historically accurate, of course, but not likely to entice women to want to see the movie, Chris Hemsworth notwithstanding.

It's based on Moby Dick, the only book to literally put me to sleep.   I had to read it for school but was hoping to get more about the characters and backstory than was shown in the movie with Gregory Peck.  Instead, I had to read way too much about whaling and zzzz.....  So that's no draw for me.  Is it for anybody who had to read it in school?  Who else reads Moby Dick these days?  Clearly not enough to help the box office.

The Gregory Peck movie was about the characters, not so much about the whale.  From the ads for In The Heart Of The Sea, I'm thinking that movie is about Chris Hemsworth as a guy on a ship and a big fake whale bashing in the ship.  That's certainly not enough to get me to the theater, not when I can see Gregory Peck as one heck of an obsessed captain sending nearly his entire, interesting and diverse crew to Davy Jones' locker for free on TV.

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