Monday, November 02, 2015


Whoo hoo!  A longer sample of my next book, SCOUNDREL OF DUNBOROUGH, in now available at


From the back cover:

She swore to resist temptation! 

Journeying to Dunborough to learn the truth about her sister's murder, novice Celeste D'Orleau dons a nun's habit for safety. But seeing her childhood hero Gerrard of Dunborough makes her dream of pleasures that will be forbidden once she takes her final vows. 

Gerrard wrestles with his desire for the innocent beauty. After striving to redeem his wicked reputation, he won't seduce a nun. Yet as Celeste's mission draws them closer together, it soon becomes clear their passion is stronger than any vow!

SCOUNDREL OF DUNBOROUGH is the final book in my Knights' Prizes trilogy.  But never fear if you haven't read CASTLE OF THE WOLF or BRIDE FOR A KNIGHT.  I  always write each book to "stand alone."  But if you have, this is Gerrard's story.

SCOUNDREL OF DUNBOROUGH will be available in print and digital on December 15 and for Kindle on January 1, 2016.

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