Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Cozy Shawl for Cozy Sunday Sweepstakes

Harlequin Love Inspired has teamed up with Lion Brand Yarn for a contest!  It's easy to enter -- you make something with Lion Brand Yarn and post a picture of it to be eligible for $100 gift card from Walmart.  You can also post a picture of a Love Inspired cover.  More info and complete rules are here.  The contest closes at the end of September.  Think you don't have time for a project?  You do!

This is a very cozy shawl I made over the course of three evenings while watching TV.  It's soft, it's warm and it's large enough to double as a narrow afghan.  It took 3 balls of "Granite Strips" Homespun Quick and Thick yarn, plus part of a plain ball of Homespun Thick and Quick for the fringe, as I wanted it to be only the cream color.  

I used a 9MM crochet hook (I gather that's about a 13 in the US) and chained 45, then used double crochet stitches (chaining two, then missing first stitch at the end of the row when turning) until I had it as long as I wanted, approximately 64 inches, not counting fringe.  The fringe is 6 inches long, and the width of the shawl was about 23 inches. 

This would be perfect for keeping you warm while reading outside on a cool day, or cuddling up inside on a cold one. 

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