Monday, May 25, 2015

Starting Next Week - FREE NOVELLA!

Beginning on June 1, I'll be posting installments of a new novella here and on my website.  

It's FREE!

KIND EYES AND A LION'S HEART is the love story of Sir Melvin and Lady Viola,
who appear in BRIDE FOR A KNIGHT

I thought people might wonder how the kind, but bumbling, talkative Sir Melvin winds up with a competent, loving wife like Viola,
so I decided to write their love story.

Sir Melvin isn't the most slim or handsome of men, so he's sure a woman like the lovely, competent Lady Viola will never look at him twice. 

But with his kind and generous nature, Melvin is a welcome change from the usual arrogant suitors after Viola's dowry. 

As their growing love is threatened, Melvin reveals the courageous heart beneath his bashfulness and Viola risks scandal to marry the man she loves. 

The installments will be published daily at 9 a.m., a chapter a week, Monday to Thursday or Friday depending on the number of installments in a chapter, ending with the Epilogue on July 20.  

There will be links to the beginning of the novella and an installment index on each blog post and web page.

I had a lot of fun with Melvin and Viola.  I hope you like their story, too!

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