Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The People Who Change Our Lives

I had some sad news over the weekend.  A man I've known since high school passed away suddenly.  Ken wasn't a close friend, and I saw him only a few times after high school, but I always liked him.  He was a good guy and a great raconteur. 

He also changed my life.

We were in the same class in Grade 10, and one day Ken stood up and announced that the St. George's Youth Choir was looking for new members.  I didn't go to St. George's, and I knew I wasn't the best singer, but I wanted to go, in part because they were going to be doing a stage production.  A friend was going to go with me, but she backed out at the last minute. That meant the only other person I would know was Ken, and although we were in the same class, we weren't really friends. 

I went anyway, and it was the one of the best decisions of my life.  Not only did I have a wonderful time with that show and others that followed, I made life-long friends.  We still get together at least once a year. 

I also met another guy in the choir who had a really good friend.  Reader, I married the friend.

So if it wasn't for Ken, I wouldn't have joined St. George's, wouldn't have made such great life-long friends, wouldn't have met my wonderful husband of almost 35 years, or had my two great kids. 

Ken changed my life, and he will be missed. 

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