Monday, April 29, 2013

The Wedding Day Approaches...

My daughter is getting married in less than a week. It's exciting, it's wonderful, it makes me nostalgic.

Wasn't it just last month she was toddling around in her fuzzy pink sleepers? Wasn't it a couple of weeks ago that her brother chopped off her bangs right before a big family reunion?

It was surely just last week she was graduating from her high school with the highest average of the class, and applying to study English and history in university, much to the chagrin of her science teacher. But she was well aware that, all talk to the contrary, one could actually get a job with an English and history degree, and that's what she wanted.

Which means it was yesterday that she began her career in publishing and met her fiance.

On Saturday, she'll be embarking on another new path, with someone she loves to walk beside her.

I probably won't cry at the wedding. I'll have done that this week, when I'll be remembering all these things, and more.

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