Friday, March 22, 2013

The Shawl of Sleep

I've inadvertently created a monster.

A warm, soft, cuddly monster that encircles my neck and shoulders and makes me fall asleep. I call it the Shawl of Sleep.

Michaels was having a wool sale, so I picked up some Lion Brand yarn, called Homespun, in a beautiful purple-with-variations color. A shawl pattern came on the package, and I like a nice shawl. Actually, anybody subject to hot flashes should appreciate the convenience of a shawl, so much easier to shrug off than a sweater.

The pattern was for a knitted shawl. However, I find crocheting much easier to stop and start, and if I make a mistake, a whole lot easier to unravel and redo. So, after some experimentation, I crocheted the shawl using a loose, double crochet stitch. It's a bit longer than the suggested 60 inches, and a little bit wider. It's kind of like a long, skinny afghan.

And I love it. As I said, it's warm, it's soft, and when you fold it at the neck, it makes an extra little cushion, like those cushions worn around the neck on airplanes. With those qualities, is it any wonder I tend to nod off while sitting on the couch watching TV, especially when I put my feet up, too? I think not!

I'm making another one for my daughter, and I suspect I'll be making a few more for various family members.

(I have to say this picture does not do the colors of the shawl justice. It's much prettier in person, with shades of blue and some jade in with the purple. It's called Barrington on the Lions Brand website, link above.)

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