Monday, October 15, 2012

Where have I been?


Both on a book proposal and the cottage yard, which was seriously neglected for over two years. That makes for a lot of weeds that need to be dug out. And then there are the violets the former owner planted. Do you know how much they spread and how hard they are to get rid of? Ay yi yi! Then there was soil to put down, seeding and watering to be done. To say I've spent hours and hours on that yard is no exaggeration. I'm hoping all the work this year means much less next summer.

I've also been working on a couple of writing projects. One didn't get the green light. Another was tentative and I decided to put it aside. I'm waiting to hear about another, but in the meantime, I've continued working on it. I want to get back in the writing groove.

Since I'm Mother of the Bride next year, I'm also trying to get my diet and exercise groove back. So far, I haven't been as successful as I'd like. I don't have as far to go to reach my goal as I did when I was Mother of the Groom, but I've left it late to get started. In my own defense, all I can say is, I find it more difficult to lose weight in the summer. After hours of weeding in the broiling sun, the beverage I really craved (aside from water) was cola. I know, I know - they're bad! They're evil! I'm trying to give up on the cola! I've switched to decaf coffee in the afternoons. (Teeth whitening is now on the wedding agenda, too, I might add.)

I've been doing a few craft projects, as well. Most recently, I made fleece pillowcases. Fast and easy and I'm going to make more. (Anybody in my family reading this, if I got your name in the draw, well, maybe you know what you're getting and maybe you don't!)

There have been a few other projects and social events on the calendar, too. But now the main cottage season is over for the year, and we're in a nice lull after Canadian Thanksgiving and before Christmas, so I'm hoping to both finish a manuscript and blog more regularly, too.


Anonymous said...

Boy howdy, is it ever hard to keep up walking over the summer. Between the heat and kids, I didn't do anything over the summer. Now, I am "kind of" back to walking the dogs, of which I now have three. I rescued a German Shepherd Dog puppy earlier this year, and she is just now really old enough to walk with the older dogs. A lot of days, though, I'd rather sleep than walk.

I wouldn't mind the violets, myself. The stuff I want to grow (tomatoes, flowers, and the like) all seem to die, and stuff I want dead and gone (stupid bushes and vines that are taking over the place) refuse to die. Violets are nicer than onery bushes.


Margaret Moore said...

I'm not a fan of vines, either. We have a wisteria and some other ivy that is a HUGE pain to keep trimmed when all I want to do is lie in the hammock and read.