Tuesday, January 03, 2012

And the last goal for 2012 is....

I want to party more.

Well, party might not be quite the right word. I'm not a fan of large, noisy gatherings with people I may or may not know. I mean I want to socialize more with the people I do know. Talk and visit with friends, not just exchange emails or tweets.

After years of deadlines, some thrown at me at the very last minute, I got to the point where I was reluctant to commit myself to much of anything. I was afraid I'd have to cancel abruptly, or feel guilty that I wasn't working when I did socialize. Over time, this meant I was spending much less time with friends.

This is not good.

Yes, I got my work done. Yes, I saw my family and I was online, so I wasn't completely isolated. Yet I was also beginning to feel like a troll living in a cave. When I did venture out to meet with friends, I was feeling more and more as if I was saying the wrong things, or being too crabby. Non-writers will never understand what writers do, how they do it, or why it can be so mentally and emotionally taxing. I knew that, yet I was turning into a grumpy, bitter writer nevertheless. And worrying that I might say the wrong thing was turning into a reason not to socialize. Like I said, not good.

So this year, I'm taking steps to get out of my cave more, such as arranging to lunch with friends or having company at the cottage.

So, there you have it. My goals for 2012: write and submit a manuscript, lose 15 pounds, try to avoid using "but" and socialize more. Nothing earth-shattering, yet I hope striving toward these goals will help me lead a more fulfilling, healthy and balanced life in 2012.

What about you? Any similar goals in 2012?


Anonymous said...

Does "Survive another year in a realtively sane state and in one piece" count as a goal? There are days, oh, yes, there are days, when just making it through the day is a major accomplishment.

My actual goals for 2012 are:
1)Lose weight/get in better shape. I thought I was doing okay until I stepped on the scale at the vet's last month. YIKES. Back to walking, and I really need to start watching the diet better. I would like to lose at least 20 pounds (even 10 would help).
2) Train/compete with llka more. I have a long term "ultimate" goal, which is OTCh, UDX, OGM, RAE, and CAX. I think this year's more "realistic" goal will be CD, RA, and CA (CAA if finances work out).
3) Get better organized and keep the house neater. I have to admit to being a slob. Not like what you see on Hoarders, or anything like that, but cleaning house is definitely not at the top of my list of favorite activities. I need to go through everything, get rid of stuff I don't need, and organize the rest.
4) This is the most important one, I think. Just appreciate things more. I know that we are not as well of as some people, but we are way better off than a lot of others. Yes, I have autistic kids that can be a challenge (especially my son), but they are physically healthy. I have a husband who loves me, even when I'm being cranky and unreasonable. I have a lot of intangialble (sp?) things that I don't always think about, but know that I am lucky to have. I just need to be more aware of the good things in my life, and less focused on the bad

I kind of think my goals add up to that vague "Be a better person" resolution that a lot of people make, just broken down into smaller, more realistic pieces. They also add up to my "Survive another year in a realtively sane state and in one piece" goal.


Margaret Moore said...

Sounds most excellent to me, Rosemary! Best of luck with all you do, and it's a LOT.