Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Where have I been?

Egad, has it really been over a month since I last wrote a blog post? What the devil have I been up?

Well, not writing, I must confess. I've been busy with home and cottage maintenance and renovations.

After the Night of the Bat - when I discovered a bat flying around inside the cottage, much to my dismay - the fixing of the chimney moved up the List of Renovation Priority. There's a picture of the scaffold. You can also see the overgrown wisteria on the trellis on the deck, above the Giant Hosta. I spent hours cutting that wisteria back this summer, and some ivy, too.

We had already arranged to have work done on the foundation. One of the supports was rotting, and it was a little shaky in another. There's a few dollars, let me tell ya, but after watching all those home renovation shows, I've learned structure is too important to ignore.

Those workmen discovered a leaking pipe, so that meant a call to the plumber, as well. Who knows how long it might have been had they not? We have now instigated a "Check the Crawl Space At Least Twice a Year" policy.

New heating and cooling vents were added upstairs. Unfortunately, one of the workmen put his foot where he shouldn't, so I had some ceiling paint touch-ups added to the list.

I had some other paint touch-ups outside as well, on the railing of the sliding Door to Nowhere (that's it beside the chimney on the second floor). That was a treat (not). As those of you with bi-focals can attest, when working at something above eye level, you have to lean your head back to see up close. This is not fun to do when one is on the highest step of a step-ladder.

I've also had to clean up the back garden at the cottage, which got left until this week because of the many mosquitoes in residence.

Back in the city for a week, I had to deal with the back garden there, which meant a lot of pruning. Oh, and they tore up our street for repaving, which meant removing and replacing our driveway paving stones. That wasn't done quite properly, necessitating a call to the city and an inspector's visit.

I've also been keeping track of Shawshank, the skunk living under our shed. Or at least something was, and we're assuming, based on the evidence of our nostrils, that it was a skunk. Last time I put a wee barrier of twigs and leaves (easily moved) over the hole, it was undisturbed. On the other hand, the folks next door - my folks, in fact - have been having incursions under their shed, so I fear Shawshank (and/or children of Shawshank) may simply have moved next door.

As you can see, despite my efforts, the skunk burrowed beneath the shed. Hence the name "Shawshank."

Has it been all work and no play here in the Land That Time Forgot? No. I've been doing lots of reading and I now have an awesome sea glass collection, thanks to many walks along the beach.

What does one do with all that? At a local arts fair, an artist had made mosaics from sea glass. I have the materials here, including frame, but haven't found the time to get to that. Just like my manuscript.

However, now that the cooler weather is here and once my garden is finally cleaned up, I'll be getting back to writing.

Or at least, that's the plan.

Or maybe I'll wind up taking a little bit of a break from gardening, etc. and have a nap.

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Anonymous said...

I hear you on the cost of repairs. We had to have our gas lines redone earlier this year due to a SERIOUS leak, and it was a doozy. We still have some structural work to do, but are putting it off for as long as we can.

I can relate on the vision problem. My eye doctor changed the prescription for my left contact, and it is driving me CRAZY. He said he could either correct it for me to drive, of correct it for me to read. Silly me, I decided that being able to see while I was driving would be a good thing. I'ts been almost two weeks, and I'm still not used to it.

My big project for the summer has been training dogs and raising kittens. Eleven year old dog, Lucky, just got his Cainine Good Citizen certificate from the AKC. Ilka is retaking the class, with hopes of getting hers this time around. Of the four kittens, one has been adopted out, two are at the vet's waiting to be adopted, and we are keeping the fourth. Mama cat, who belongs to my neighbor, has since been spayed.

Now that school has started, Ilka and I are walking again. I got a nasty shock (about 20 pounds worth)when I got on the scale at the doctor's earlier this summer. Ilka is doing obedience trials and lure coursing in October. So, I need to lose weight, and Ilka needs to get in shape for running.


P.S. Love the picture of the kitty "breezing the tummy fur" as we call it.