Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What's with all the lawyers?

Readers familiar with my non-medieval books may have noticed that I've written a few books with lawyers for heroes, including Gordon McHeath in my latest release, HIGHLAND HEIRESS. I've had two solicitor heroes (Gordon and Robert Harding, of HIS FORBIDDEN KISS) and one barrister, Sir Douglas Drury of A LOVER'S KISS. (Unlike American attorneys, British lawyers fall into two categories: barristers and solicitors.)

As far as I'm aware, not too many other historical romance authors have legal eagles for heroes. Why do I?

Blame Perry Mason. I used to watch those shows when I was a very young, obviously impressionable child.

In fact, at one time, I thought about pursuing a career in the law, to the point of taking the LSAT. I'll never forget how some of the candidates paced the hall before going in, as if their entire lives depended on that test.

Me, not so much, so obviously not being a lawyer wasn't going to be a heart-breaker. Later I realized I could be so calm about it because being a stay-at-home mom was much more important to me, and I would have found it difficult to leave or take a hiatus from a legal career after all the work and effort necessary to succeed in that field.

Writing about lawyers, though, lets me play lawyer a little, and - even better - without the work and stress.


Anonymous said...

Good old Perry Mason, Della Street and Paul (who's last name escapes me at the moment). I don't remember watching the TV show so much as reading the books. I still have about thirty, and I keep thinking that I really should re-read them one of these days.

As for having plans for your life that "oft-times gang angly", I planned to join the army, work with military dogs, and then pursue a career in Police K9 work. Oh, well. I am still working with a dog, just not a police dog.


Margaret Moore said...

Paul Drake, wasn't it? Came to me in a flash. :-)

Anonymous said...

Paul Drake does sound right. I would check in one of the books, but they are in a bookcase behind two other rows of paperbacks (stacked two high), and I just don't feel like pulling them all out, and then putting them all back.

I do have them in alphabetical order by author, and in chronological order within each author. Romance is the same way, and takes up two more bookcases. Unfortunately, except for my photography and pet care books, I don't have most of the non-fiction organized yet.

I need more bookcases (and room to put then), because most of my books are at least two deep in all nine bookcases, with more books piled in the closets. That, or I need to get rid of a few books one of these days.


Anonymous said...

I finally found your latest book. I had to go to a place I generally avoid like the plague- WalMart. Neither book store had it, for some reason. I didn't see ANY of the Harlequin Historicals at either store, and I was getting desperate. I started reading as soon as I got home. So far, I like it.