Friday, December 05, 2008

Weight Loss Challenge - Surprise!

I thought I was going to be up again this week, because I didn't get as much exercise, due to family circumstances and feeling really yucky one day.

But then I stepped on the scales this morning and...141.0! Whoo hoo!

I also finished the fourth draft of THE VISCOUNT'S KISS. One more to go, but I think (hope!) the heavy lifting is over! Whoo hoo!

And I got a fantastic review for THE WARLORD'S BRIDE from Romantic Times, including this: "...brimming with charming characters, an enchanting love story and the perfect balance of romance and history..." WHOOO HOOOO!

This week's exercise/step count tally:

Nov. 28 - 14,415
Nov. 29 - 3,359 (wasn't feeling grand, but got a lot of work done on the book)
Nov. 30 - 9,491 (family event)
Dec. 1 - 2707 plus 40 min. on the treadmill
Dec. 2 - 1972 plus 10 min. on the treadmill (this was the day I was really under the weather)
Dec. 3 - 15,680
Dec. 4 - 13,221 (I'd planned to go on the treadmill again, but the hubby, who likewise works at home, had an unforeseen conference call, so I went for a walk instead.)

I'm considering making a separate blog for my weight loss challenge reports. If that happens, there'll be a notice and link on my blog roll.

Now, on to Draft #5!

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