Sunday, December 02, 2007

Working through brrrrrr

So this is the weekend of the big deadline push, right? And my office is in the basement, where it gets a little chilly during the winter.

I wake up this morning and discover that sometime during the night, the furnace has ceased to function. Actually, I think it's the fan. Whatever. It's freezing. Well, 61 degrees, to be precise.

So we, who pay for the upgraded furnace service package, phone first thing. We're talking 7:15 am Sunday morning. The first time they can get here? Tomorrow morning.

"What are we supposed to do in the meantime?" says I. "Freeze?"

The answer, apparently, is yep, pretty much.

But wait! They have a techie phone service. Want to try that? Sure -- although we'll keep the service call on the schedule and cancel if necessary, because I gotta say, if the furnace quits the first really cold day of winter? I want that baby checked.

I get cut off THREE TIMES. The first, maybe human error. The second, I get "Your call cannot be completed." I try for third time lucky and get the same thing. The fourth time I call to say, "You have a serious problem with your system."

Good thing we got the gas fireplaces, because one space heater for an entire house? Ain't gonna cut it. Unfortunately, neither of them are in my office.

So think of me, huddled over the keyboard, scarf thrown artistically around my neck, finishing my manuscript.


Leah Braemel said...

Brrr! (Chuckling at the image of you with a scarf wrapped about as you huddle over the keyboard.)

We had our furnace go out like that a few years ago. The company we were with said they would provide space heaters if we were to be without heat for more than 3 days. We bought little room heaters after that 'just in case'. (Our gas fireplace is on the fritz, so we'd have no help there ... good thing yours is working.)

Thing I want to know is - does the cold make you work harder?

Margaret Moore said...

I was really frustrated dealing with the service folks, because of the problem with their phones. At one point, I was on hold for over an hour and a half. Ever tried concentrating with the "hold" music on? Just about went around the bend.

My husband and I eventually got the furnace working, but we're still having the service guy come and check it, since we don't know why it quit working.