Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Miss Snark, font of agently wisdom

Back in the days when I was new to the world of blogging, I found the blog of a literary agent who went by the pseudonym of Miss Snark. As per her name, she did not mince words when it came to talking about publishing, writing, query letters, etc. She was a font of wisdom who told it like it is.

Then, much to my chagrin as well as plenty of other people's, she retired. She felt she'd said all that needed to be said. I still miss her, but bless her heart, she left her blog in cyberspace, where you can still access it.

So if you are new to writing, or have never heard of Miss Snark and are an aspiring author, I send you her way. Read and be enlightened.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Margaret Moore you are a paid shill from Canada who is trying to scam writers. Miss Snark is a SCAM AGENT. She is a big con game. She and the people who promote her are the biggest liars and cheats alive. shame on you margaret moore, get back to washing dishes where you belong. you shill! ANy intelligent writer isn't about to be taken in by this scam.